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Loading Filament

  1. Check that the filament spool you want to load is of the correct type. Unless you're doing something special, you'll want to look for "PLA". 
  2. Turn on the printer if it's off. The power switch is located on the back right.
  3. Find the filament that you want in the bin labeled "PLA Filament" to the right of the printer.
  4. Unthread the new filament from the holes on the spool, but do not let go of the end. Otherwise, the spool can become tangled!
  5. On the screen of the printer, click the "Settings" icon.

  6. Click "Filament".


  7. Click "Load".
  8. Wait for the following message to appear:


  9. Place the spool on the hanger at the left rear side of the printer, and push the filament into the cone until it can't be easily pushed any further and the above message disappears. Don't force it! If you're not sure, ask a volunteer for help.
  10. Wait for the printer to go through its filament loading procedure, and follow the instructions on any popups that appear. Observe the nozzle to see if filament is being pushed out.