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Preparing The Printer



Power On

Flip on the power switch on the back right of the printer. 


Inspect The Build Plate

The print bed is a piece of flexible steel that sits inside the printer. Your model is built on this piece, so we'll need to make sure it's clean. Open the door and remove the build plate by grabbing it by the handle, and pulling up and out. 


Inspect it to ensure that there are no leftover pieces of plastic from the last print. If there are, carefully scrape them off with your fingernails. Avoid touching the build plate with your skin, since the oils will hinder the print's ability to stick.

Once you’re satisfied, replace the build plate. The small notch at the center should be facing the back of the printer; there are guides to help align it. The build plate is reversible, so either side can face up.

Ensure that the build plate isn't covering the white part sticking out of the right side with "Calibration Board" written on it.