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Unloading Filament

You only need to perform the following steps if you want to use a different filament than the kind that is already loaded. Otherwise, skip to Slicing Your Model.

  1. Turn on the printer if it's off. The power switch is located on the back right.

  2. On the screen of the printer, click the "Settings" icon.

  3. Click "Filament".


  4. Click "Unload".
    IMG_8825 2.jpeg
  5. Wait for the printer to go through its filament unloading procedure, and follow the instructions on any popups that appear.
  6. Once the procedure completes, you should be able to easily pull the filament out of the cone. Do not force it. When in doubt, ask a volunteer for help!


  7. Thread the filament through the two holes in the spool to ensure it doesn't become tangled, and remove it from the arm.