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Troubleshooting Tripped Breakers

Resetting The Breaker

Unfortunately, all our tools are on the same circuit breaker, so if many are in use it may become overloaded.

The breaker box is located on the north wall of the garage; the auxiliary box for the tool library is on the right hand side.

  • Locate the tripped breaker in the box. The switch may not look fully "off". Circuits 2 and 25 are the outlets for the power tools circuit on the north side of the workshop.


  • Switch it fully off (this is important!)
  • Switch it back on.

It tripped again!

If someone is trying to cut a large piece of wood, particularly on the table saw, it may cause the motor to overheat. Overheating motors can draw more current, which can create a viscous cycle of tripping the circuit again.

Consider asking anyone using the table saw to take a break for 10-15 minutes so it can cool off. It may also help to run the saw without putting anything through it so the motor can spin the fan and cool itself off.